Hi, I'm Nicola, it's lovely to meet you.

Welcome to my world, and thanks for checking out my art.

I’m Nicola Furlong, artist, mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunty, niece, and strong believer that life is here for living.

After waking up from the intense, beautiful, all-consuming early years of motherhood, I found that I didn’t really know who I was, or what I wanted to be when I grew up. My corporate work didn’t have room for creativity, and it felt frivolous to spend valuable time on things for myself, but deep down I’ve always felt that there had to be more to life.

Call it a mid life crisis if you will. I'd been creative since I can't remember when, and started painting in highschool, so I pulled out some old kit and started painting again. This is the result.

Nature is a big focus of my work, sometimes it's the subject matter, and sometimes I use natural elements for making marks. If you haven't noticed I love colour! I always have, even in the early days my work has been about colour and movement.

Why so many dragonflies? The dragonfly is a symbol of change, transformation and self-realisation, teaching us to love life, rejoice and have faith even amidst difficult times. I represents my journey of self-discovery. Very specially, it’s also a connection to, and my way of honouring, my late father, Roger, who as a child was not allowed to take art classes in a time when piano lessons for lads was deemed far more gentlemanly. Thank you Dad, for everything you did for us. I love you. x

Creating brings me joy and gives my soul a place to speak. Come and join me here at the start… who knows where it may end.

N xxx

Nicola Furlong

Thanks for coming to look at my art.

If you see something you like please drop me a note and let me know. All originals, prints and coasters are available to purchase.

N x

Nicola Furlong


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